Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Patriot Secrets!

     Excited! I have anticipated this release for a long time! I love this book. It was my first fiction book I wrote over ten years ago. I know what you're going to say- first book! Yes, it was pretty badly written, but the concept- the premise- I couldn't let go. Writing for me has been a long learning process. I totally admire someone who can have immediate success with writing. For me it has taken time and patience.       
      When I went to college, I studied science. I graduated with a degree in Medical Technology. Did my year of internship in New Orleans. Yet, my love was literature. My favorite classes were my electives.
      I wanted to write since I was a child. I read others bios and they are filled with how they began writing at an early age, encouraged to do so. Well, I wrote at an early age, but I can't say I was encouraged to do so. My first 'review' was from my mother when I was ten. I couldn't describe it as encouraging. Now in my mother's defense, I don't think she had a clue how deeply I took her words "not that good" too heart. My mother has to be one of the sweetest women on the earth, but she has always told me her 'honest' opinion. It's better to hear it from someone who loves you, I suppose, was her reasoning. But my parents wanted me to be a doctor, but it wasn't what I wanted.
      Eventually, I fell headlong in love with my husband, married and had three children, but within me was always a story. In my head, stories ran rampant. My husband has always been encouraging. My favorite gift he has ever given me was a typewriter for my first Mother's Day twenty-two years ago. But between raising three children, working to make ends meet, I never sat down to write. Not until my husband finally told me- just do it. If you are ever going to write, write. That was over ten years ago.
      I wrote my father's bio (he was a fabulous high school basketball coach). I wrote it for my family, but self-published it because I had so many people wanting it from that area. I wish I had time to revise that book. It needs it terribly. I really didn't have a clue what I was doing.
      Self-taught. If you knew my personality you would be surprise to find how humble I am when it comes to criticisms on my writing. Over the years, I took ever word to heart on what I needed to do. Surprising because in my job at the hospital, humble isn't the word I would use to describe me and neither would anyone else I work with. I guess because I know my job. I was trained for it.
       Writing I do because I want to. But its more. I have to now. It has become an obsession. It makes me happy. During the past year, I have met some wonderful people, writers. Last March I attended a writer's conference that changed my approach to my writing. As much as I hate it, promoting is part of writing. I began a Facebook fan page and began asking well-known authors (some New York Times Best Selling Authors) to let me highlight them for a week. And most to their credit have allowed little ole me to run with them. Writers on the whole are the nicest people. The way I figure it- it's because they enjoy what they do. You couldn't write otherwise.
       I will ever be grateful to Wild Child Publishing for taking my first book, Dream Walker. Dream Walker is a paranormal. You can imagine what my mother thought. God love her! She was worried that our friends and family would think I wrote about our family because I used her name for the heroine! She was (is) worried that everyone would think the Ramona in the book (the demon fighting, dream walking woman) is her. I don't think it ever occurred to her that I used the name because I loved the name like I love her. I don't think my family did an awful lot of promoting to anyone about Dream Walker (don't think they even told anyone I wrote a paranormal book).
       On the other hand, I don't think they consider an ebook a real book. But then again I don't think they have read the statistics coming out on ebooks either. I'm going home on Saturday. My mom isn't feeling well and I'm turning the big 5-0. My husband wanted to give me a big party. I'm not a partier. I wanted to go home. So my husband, my youngest and myself are going leaving Dexter and my son (he's so cute-can you say cute about a 22 year old- he's taking off of work to make sure Dexter isn't left alone too much).
      So this time I have a historical fiction book- Patriot Secrets! Like I said before I love this book. I have revised it a million times to get it where it is now. This one- I'm anxious to see what my mother thinks. I don't think any reviewer would be harder than my mother! I will let everyone know.
      Truthfully, I am so excited about this release. What I want most of all is to get Patriot Secrets to print. I have so many things rattling in my head about what to do about the release. I had the whole month planned at Novel Works with all paranormal. I'm doing ghost this week. Love ghosts. Nothing better than a good ghost story. But I'm rethinking everything.
      A contest- a must for sure! Discussion on what inspired the book. You will find I love history even more so on this book because we won the war. The American Revolution is full of intensely interesting stories. I love George Washington. The whole of Benedict Arnold's betrayal is fascinating. One has to have a deep understanding of what Benedict Arnold meant to the Colonies before he turned coat to understand the depth of the wound of his betrayal. Heroes-Daniel Morgan, John Glover, General Nathanael Greene. And then the spies! Ah! I could spend the entire day talking about spies which I will be blogging about over the next two weeks. I will say this. One of the reasons that I wrote about a woman spy is because I feel it could have really happened. Back during Colonial Times neither side would have thought a woman capable of that kind of deception (know that's hard to believe). Perfect storyline!
       Anxious for sure, but thrilled with the release. Join me in the next coming weeks in preparation for the release of PATRIOT SECRETS!

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