Tuesday, October 26, 2010

PATRIOT SECRETS is release today!

Join me today. I'm guest blogging on Lindsay's Romantics for PATRIOT SECRETS' release.

Don't forget about my contests! Comment on Novel Works or my blog to enter! To celebrate the release I am giving away a copy of Patriot Secrets on October 26th and give a $25 gift certificate to Amazon at the end of release week on October 30th at midnight. The giveaway for the book will a random give away to anyone that is a Novel Works fan. Won't have to do a thing is you are a fan!

The $25 dollar gift certificate- need to participate in this week and next. A comment on the subject I'm discussing on Novel Works (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Novel-Works-by-Jerri-Hines/112059205487095?v=app_2373072738&ref=mf#!/pages/Novel-Works-by-Jerri-Hines/112059205487095) will enter you into the contest or a comment here on my blog.

Good luck!

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