Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dexter's First Week

      Do I have to say how absolutely adorable Dexter is? In a week's time he has us all under his spell. He is so good, given the fact that he's a puppy and loves to chew on everything. He runs around like there's no tomorrow and then he just crashes and sleeps. He finds his own toys of choice, like the pine cone he brought in from outside or Gary's socks he just took off.
       Yesterday Lyndsay Beth and Becca went up to see Tracy at her college with Dexter of course. Before Lyndsay left she went out and bought Dexter a little car seat so to speak. Gary just rolled his eyes. He's scared she's going to turn him into a girly dog (LOL). Like Dexter knows. Myself I like the ideal that the little one is secured in the car he's driving in. Lyndsay gave Dexter a bath and he is so nice and clean. She must have kissed his little forehead because it had lip stick on it. Gary immediately started wiping it off. Heaven forbid his dog be found with lip stick on his fur!
      And Max, our Boston, loves Dexter. He fends Dexter off when Dexter is trying to play with him, but never goes too far away. Max comes back and Dexter goes after him again. A little cycle until Dexter gets tired and falls asleep. Surprisely, Chloe our cat likes Dexter. Dexter doesn't try to play with her like he does Max. Not nearly as rough. He even lets Chloe rub up against him.
      On the whole Dexter has had a busy week. He helped me pick the winner of my contest, Paula Shene, who I found out loves dogs also. Sadly she lost one of her dogs last week. So, I'm glad she won. It is so hard to lose something you love. Bob and I finished up the Breast Cancer Walk in Boston this morning. I can't even move now. Should I admit it? It was only a walk. They said 5 miles- in truth 6- and we walked a mile from our car. I really have to get in better shape! It was nice though. I enjoyed it.
      I have download the picture of Dexter preparing to go on his first college roadtrip!

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