Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dexter's Week in Review

       What a beautiful day! The sun's out. All my children are home at least at some point during the day. Tracy came home last night from college. Poor thing. She hurt her shin, a huge hematoma from a slap shot between her shin guard and skate. She's downstairs with Dexter at the moment. Hopefully she won't have to get up and chase him. Dexter keeps you on your toes. The spoilt doggie.
        I decided his name should have been Trouble. You can see it in his little eyes. Already he's grown so he can leap up stairs. He has no desire to take one step at a time. When I say leap, its what he does. He takes a step back and...jumps. I came home the other morning to my husband putting up a baby gate to try to keep the little youngster contained. After painstakingly watching Bob connect the gate, Dexter calmly walked through the end of the gate where for some reason there was a hole big enough for Dexter to fit through and greeted my husband who had his back to him on the other side of where Bob was trying to keep Dexter out. Dexter looked up at my husband with a look on his face like "Do you need help?"
       I laughed so hard. I tried to capture a picture of it. Most of its a blur. I need a faster lens or my daughter told me to set the camera different. I haven't a clue but all his pictures lately seem to be blurs. Because of all our different schedules Dexter is rarely alone. He has become a fixture in my computer room. I have to say I have made progress on my revisions of Whisperings of a Southern Heart for the first time. Don't ask me how. Every other minute is 'Don't!' 'No!" "Dexter!" The floor of my room is a mess with his stuff. I say stuff because he creates his own toys. He grabbed one of my books off one of my bookshelves. Eventually I let him have an old book. I don't know if he thinks he can read or not, but I swear he has spent more time on that book than my son has on any book he has ever read!
        And my laundry! Oh, my! I can't leave it lying around even in the laundry basket. The little bugger knocked it over spilling my laundry all over the place. I just let him have the basket. I put up my laundry and now the laundry basket is one of Dexter's toys. It reminds me of boxes when the kids were little. Remember when they were little and they liked the box better than the toy. Or one of those play tents. Gary loved tents, climbing in and out of them as toddler. Dexter likes that too. I have found Dexter likes lots of things.
        I have come to lots of conclusions on what Dexter likes. Dexter likes football (Pats, of course). While the game was last Monday night, Dexter sat at the end of the couch with my son, sitting at attention while the Pats had the ball. Quite observant. And after much discussion, Dex and I have come to the conclusion that Randy Moss' trade will all work out. Brady will go back to the game he played when they were winning Super Bowls. Now, the defense is another story, but we have faith!
       One of  Dexter's favorite activities at the moment is annoying Max, our Boston. Dexter will pounce on Max while he's sleeping or hid behind something and leap out. Dexter follows Max around like a shadow. Now Max is thirteen years old. Lately, Max is constantly growling at our little terror. Funny thing is that Max won't leave him. You would think that if the little one was annoying you- you would just leave. Max has full reign of the house. He could go anywhere, but he may run off for a second, but back he comes. I'm hoping that Max will rub off on the Dexter. Max has been the smartest dog I've ever had (and one of the best). I do have a question though. While playing with Dexter whose a lab, you throw him a ball and he sits there and looks at you like you have four heads. The only time he runs after it is if Max does. Now, he's a Labrador retriever. Isn't it suppose to be breed into him to retrieve? Just wondering.

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