Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mississippi Air

       I sitting in the middle of Barnes and Noble in Tupelo, Mississippi. I'm in heaven at the moment with a latte in hand and free access to the Internet! I wanted only one thing for my birthday- to go home. Home is in the middle of nowhere, a small community called Marietta. That's my home. Where I was born and it never leaves me. No matter if my mother doesn't have Internet connection.
       I've had the most wonderful of birthdays because I was surrounded by those I love, except for two of my children. Tracy is in the middle of preparing for her hockey season at college and taking mid-terms. Gary and Lyndsay are caring for Dexter and Max back in Massachusetts.  
       My Mississippi family has been gone out of their way for me. They always do, but this time maybe for some reason I appreciated it more. Mom has changed alot since I last saw her, looking frail, but by golly she still has her stubborn spirit. Hubby reminds me constantly of where I get it.
       Wait until I download my pictures of Mississippi and hopefully a little clip at my sister's. You have to see this. Really! It was the neatest thing. My sister loves animals. Always has. She has at the moment around twelve dogs and six horses. She was anxious to show me her latest, an adorable five month old colt. We walked out to the pasture gate which isn't far from her front door. She opened the gate wide and all the horses came out- they all came out of the pasture and hung around her carport like her dogs! No kidding. They wander around her house, the front yard, the side, like the dogs do and in the middle of the dogs! One even went on the carport and stuck her head into the utility room looking for her food. It was the funniest thing!
       My youngest is going out with her Uncle Greg at the moment. He's going to take her hunting while I'm in Tupelo. Scares me a tad. She doesn't know the first thing about guns, but I know he will be careful. It's different in Massachusetts. Hunting is second nature here in Mississippi. I was surprised though that I caught  sight of a beutiful scene -a group of deer drinking from our lake. I saw three, but my niece told me there had been eleven before I got there. Didn't think it was like my brothers to let deer roam freely around our land. Not that Becca is hunting deer. It's only bow season. I can imagine that Greg is only going to teach her how to shoot today. Hope.
       My oldest brother, Gary, lives up the road a tad in Corinth. He's a minister and runs the Lighthouse Foundation there. My brother also coaches an AAU basketball team and helps gives opportunities to some kids they might not have otherwise. In admiration I watch him and his family work with the underprivileged and give back to the community. Becca got to help tutor some of the second graders after school. It feels so good to give back. I envy him and his wife. His son, Adam, was my guest blogger. And in truth, I know of no one that knows history like Adam. He is the sweetest, kindest soul.
       So here I am where time passes differently. There is no hurry. It just is.
       The weather has been absolutely gorgeous,warm with an encompassing feeling of  Autumn. I should panic because I haven't done half of what I wanted to do preparing for my release. I haven't had free access to the internet, but I've enjoyed visiting with my family. It isn't easy to write and visit. So I visited. I watched my daughter with her cousins play basketball, laugh, giggle, and have fun. A couple of my nephews aren't home, one's in St.Louis getting his graduate degree; the other at the Navy Academy in Annapolis.
       Although I love promoting other on Novel Works, I hate pushing my own work. I ask myself do I believe in Patriot Secrets? The answer is yes. But I'm nervous. I have poured my heart and soul into this projection. I'm finding it hard to believe it's about to be release. Moreover I have found it hard to keep up with everything with the release, but maybe I should place my faith that all will work out like it should.
          PATRIOT SECRETS releases next Tuesday. This has been my baby for a long time. I love this book. Sitting here in the middle of Barnes and Noble I'm dreaming. I want nothing more than to see my book on their shelves. Is it too much to hope that the story can sell itself? At the moment, I'm caught up in the Mississippi air and have faith it will.

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