Sunday, January 29, 2012


I love motivating quotes. My dad was a high school boys basketball coach. He used them all the time. He had tapes he would play over and over again. I believed them all, especially about the ones of perseverance.

I'll tell you a little story. When I was going into the ninth grade, my dad sent my sister and I to a summer basketball camp to a friend of his who coached the best girls basketball team in the state. I lived and breathed basketball. While I was at camp, not once did I question why I wasn't included in some of the activities and asked to sit out. During that time, I learned to dribble proficiently with both hands, behind my back, and between my legs. I played with all the gumption I had when called upon. Once during a scrimmage, they put me in. I stole the ball and drove down for a layup. The only thing was someone planted herself in my way. I plowed right over her, got a foul, and taken out of the scrimmage all within 30 seconds. Years later when I was a senior- after the last game I ever played- that coach came up to me. He said, "You have to be so proud of yourself and all you've accomplished. You're a great little player. Never would have dreamed you would have improved so much from that scrawny little girl who couldn't buy a bucket." Took me a moment to realize what he was saying. What! I wasn't good to begin with! The thought never occurred to me. I thought I was. I played like I was. I guess eventually I became the player I thought I was. I always played with passion, but mostly I played because I love the game.

I wasn't one of those born with ability. I was one that was born with a drive. If I wanted something, I believed that hard work and determination would accomplish my goal. It is the same with my writing.

I wasn't born with the innate ability to write. I'm not one of those fortunate ones who sat down on their computer and the words flowed fluently out on their paper. I admire and envy those authors. No, I'm one of those who strives to perfect my ability of putting into words the stories in my head.

Today, I'm releasing Daughter of Deceit under my pen name Carrie James Haynes. As every time one of my books are released, I'm excited. Hope springs eternal. I love all my books I've written. Some hold special places in my heart. Daughter of Deceit is one of them.

Writing is such a competitive business. At times it can be so frustrating. Books I thought would have done well have had weak sales. It taught me some valuable lessons. Not only do you need a good book, you need help in promoting. No matter what you do yourself, you need help. That's why I'm so happy being associated with the Roses of Prose authors. I'm ecstatic having gone INDIE and the support I found with other INDIE writers. I have this belief that once someone reads my writing I will become established. I have received so much positive feed back from Whispers of a Legend which lead me to release Daughter of Deceit as an Indie.

I'm hoping that it spreads over to the TIDES OF CHARLESTON series. I hope The Judas Kiss gets the recognition it deserves also. I can tell you that the third book in the series, Another Night Falls, is one of my best works.

I'm nervous, though, with Daughter of Deceit. A full length novel that hasn't been professionally edited. I believe it is in fine form. I have gone over it numerous times, but its the one thing I wish I had as an Indie, an editor...although, I have to thank Jannine Gallant. She did the first few chapters for me. Though I will fall back on another saying...

No one knows what he can do until he tries...unknown

So much to worry about; so much to question. There are times when I ask myself why I put so much time and energy into my writing. Then it comes to me. I love what I do. Remember...

Love what you do. Do what you love.

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