Friday, May 20, 2011

New Review!

Just got back another review!

Official Apex Reviews Rating:

When her father is hanged for his efforts to assist the Patriots during the American Revolution, Hannah Corbett’s world is suddenly turned completely upside down. In the resulting raid on her family’s plantation, her stepmother is killed, and her brother Jonathan leaves to join the Continental Army. With nowhere else to turn, Hannah eventually finds herself enmeshed in a twisted web of lies, deceit, and betrayal as she strives to locate the man that she believes led to her family’s downfall – but will she lose herself in the process...?

Throughout the pages of
Patriot Secrets, author Jerri Hines takes you on a winding, suspense-filled journey through the storied annals of history. As Hannah’s brave – yet increasingly dangerous – journey unfolds, readers are sure to find themselves equally enthralled in the throes of her passionate, daunting quest for vengeance. Beset on all sides with countless hidden traps and pratfalls, though, the success of her mission is all but guaranteed – and at times it becomes apparent that nothing more than her sheer will is driving her efforts to completion. With a compelling central storyline and a cast of vivid, realistic characters, Patriot Secrets is quite the entertaining read. The strong debut of a promising new literary voice.

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