Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

         I've had a nice lazy day. I worked last night. It was my weekend. It always seems I work on the holiday weekends. Oh, well. I took Aunt Dolly out for breakfast this morning. I do that when I work the weekend. Aunt Dolly is really my husband's maiden aunt, but she is also my son's Godmother. I lived with her when I first came up North until Bob and I married. She's been like a substitute mom to me. (Another story, another day). Amazing woman, eighty-three years old and still sharp as a tack. She didn't retire until eighty. She keeps up her house better than I do mine. And her flowers...I'm envious.
         My own mother...I called her on my way home after breakfast. She lives an hour behind me. I didn't want to wake her, but I wanted to be the first one to call her today. You know it must be the middle child thing. Instead of  "Oh, Jaye, you're the first one to call to wish me a Happy Mother's Day." I got "Oh, Jaye, you're the last I've heard from wishing me a happy Mother's Day."
         Really! I'm thinking to myself, knowing my sister probably wasn't up yet for church. "Well, I didn't want to wake you."
         "Wake me. No, everyone was here yesterday and took me out for dinner."
         So, somehow I was suppose to know to call yesterday for today??? Does that make sense. Probably only in my family. I have it down now though. Her birthday is Thursday. So I will call her on Wednesday. That should cover me. Right? ....Probably not, but I do try. 
        Ah! But I bet I got her the best gift! I gave her a kindle. A kindle you might ask when she doesn't even have a computer? My siblings have computers she can recharge on when needed. And the best part...I download my books on it. Now, no more excuses. I changed the font to a larger size for her to be able to see better. I have Patriot Secrets front and center. Of course I got her books from authors I know she loves and a few others I'm partial too.
        I can't wait to hear the excuses now...I didn't say that...My mother, God love her, is so not into computers. I know she would love the kindle is she gave it a's just getting her to try it. I wish I could say my siblings would be helpful, but I don't know if they're much better. When I was down there in October, no one seemed as computer dependent as I was. Most of my family and neighbors only have dial up!!! Of course, could be that I'm the one with the problem.
      Got a busy week ahead. Excited for Novel Works. Tomorrow I'm spotlighting Mia Marlowe! I love conferences. I get the best writers to spotlight. In the coming weeks, I have Annette Blair, Anne Stuart (you gotten love her), Judi McCoy, and Hannah Howell (love the way she intertwines historical with paranormal). And much more...
       I have revised the fantasy for Crescent Moon. I have to read over it. Hope I don't get too excited. Had my seventeen year old read some of it. She liked it, magic and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Probably send it out later this week. Still waiting to hear about Another Night Falls. And now I can turn my attention back to Seductive Secrets.
       Then my middle girl is having knee surgery Wednesday. Poor thing. She has a long road ahead of her...six months before she gets on the ice again. Bob's off this week, a good thing and I took off for her surgery. So hopefully it will go okay. It's at the hospital I work at. So I'll see if they are as good as I think they are.
        My son is playing baseball today for the first time since college. His last game for college he re-injured his hamstring, a nagging problem. I always believed he needed surgery because I think he tore it, but he never went to have it checked out other than his trainers. So I hope he had fun.
       So to all the Mothers out there- Happy Mother's Day!

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