Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A New Me (kinda)

Becoming a new me- well, kinda, sort of- I'm trying to be proactive in promoting and interacting on the internet. I have found some interesting ideas. I love the booktrailer I saw on youtube-it looked awesome! I also I'm trying to help a friend I made at conference with her submission. Its the first time I've found someone that we can help each other with our writing (she doesn't live too far away). I'm interacting with my yahoo group online. They have been extremely helpful. Little by little-baby steps, but I'm getting there.

Monday, March 29, 2010

My first Conference

'Something must be wrong with me' is the opening line of my civil war novel, but something must be wrong with me! I had the most awesome time. I was like a little kid sitting in awe of most of the guest-speaking authors. Everyone was so friendly. Honestly, I have never been anywhere in New England where everyone was so accommodating and did I mention- friendly? I learned alot. Although I have to say I bombed my pitch. It was funny I couldn't shut up until I sat down with her. And yes, agents really do exist! She was extremely nice. And when she comes back and rejects me-this one's all me. Couldn't even say my name right. Wish I could hire someone to sell my writings-oh, yeah, that would be an agent! Could be the reason I really need one.

After this month I will have to join NEC. I have to update my website. And I haven't seriously wrote in a couple of weeks. Hubby's home this week. Won't be getting much done. He's doing house projects. Somehow he thinks I want to help. We're moving all the kids around, getting a new washer (finally) and microwave. Will have to put up my back-up (one day I'll have to tell the story about my giatantic microwave). Middle girl is coming home Wednesday. The vet called about my little doggy. She's still sick, although you can't tell by looking at her, kidney problems. Youngest is still having headaches. My oldest is just happy he's getting his old room back.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I'm going to my first conference. Was looking into where to go and to my surprise the New England chapter of RWA is having a conference this weekend. Can't wait. Don't know what to expect and I might fall on my face because I'm not the most social person, but I have been wondering about these conferences for a while. Figure at the worst I'll make some connections.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Strangest Rejection!

Last Monday, I made the decision to withdraw a submission from Carina Press. I sent them an email (to two different places to make sure they got it). Today I got a form rejection letter. Strange! Obviously they didn't get my withdrawal or ignored it which from their website they seem so friendly. What a slap in my face! Not that they need my manuscript. I'm sure they'll do wonderful. They have an awesome website and to be honest I learned a great deal about the power of the computer from them and intend to use it to my advantage. So all isn't for naught, but does humble one's self when first you get ignored and second getting a form rejection letter!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Rain Has Stopped!!!!

Finally! I thought it was going to rain forever. Was beginning to feel like Noah. Water, water, everywhere-but the good thing is that it wasn't snow.

Still excited about my book even though it is going to be a while. I have so much to do with promoting it. I want to make sure it goes into print!!! Have become more computer literate over the last few weeks. Hubby helped me sign up for Linkedin. Suppose to a better way to make connections. We'll see. I have to sit down to Winds again. I decided to rewrite a part. Just doesn't feel right. Hate it when I do this. I have it in my head and its not coming out like I want it too.

Did something yesterday I have never done before. I withdrew a submission. I had postponed it too long, but I really wanted to know what they thought. I was 95% certain it was going to be a rejection anyway, but that 5%....Now I'll never know, but I'll live with it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good News!!!

Wild Child came back today and offered me a contact on Patriot Secrets!! I probably should say yesterday, but working overnights gets you all backwards at times. Excited because this has been a long time coming with this book. I love this book. Excited also because I'm better prepared than last time. I know now that I have to PR my book. The only thing is that they're really busy and its going to be a couple of months before we can start editing. Maybe by that time I'll have the sequel almost done!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sweet Thought

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been frustrated with writing. Seems I've been caught in a rut. The problem is I really want this badly and I feel I'm going to hear this week. I don't think its going to be good news. You know how you get that feeling. It's not like I haven't been rejected before or will be again. And I hate feeling sorry for myself. I have always felt its a waste of time, but I haven't been able to help it. When you want something so badly...

I remember when I was probably around eight or nine I wrote a short story. The story was on the lines of Hardy Boy and Nancy Drew. I'll never forget letting my mother read it. My mother's critique was harder to take than any rejection I have ever gotten. This is a woman who loves me! She handed it back to me and said it needed work. Now that might not sound devastating to anyone (and really shouldn't be) but at the time it was to me. I thought it was great. I tore that story up in little pieces. But the desire never died. In school I loved literature, but it was science that I excelled in. Even in college, I still took every literature course I could. And finally a little over ten years ago, I finally became serious about writing. I was absolutely awful to begin with. I never realized how hard it was, but there is a drive in you. And I'm not exactly sure when it became an obsession, but it has.

I have been extremely fortunate. I have the most awesome husband and three wonderful children with the hope of adopting another. I have a job that I earn a good living. We have a roof over our heads and the sun is shining (at the moment- it is New England).

And above all-do you know what my husband did? His bonus is coming next week (yes, his company did well this year). He told me that if the submission didn't come back positive why not self-publish the first in the series. I don't know if I'll do it. There is a million things we could do with the money (having two in college). The point, though, is he has faith in me and my writing.

But in reality, the thought brought me back to what is really important. Will I ever stop dreaming? No. Will the rejection hurt? Yes. Will I keep striving to better my work? Yes. And do I realize I already have all I ever really need? Absolutely!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


What a nice day yesterday. My hubby's birthday's today. We went out yesterday and got his presents. He had a whole list (coffee maker, Oakley sunglasses). We had fun. The sun was out and for the first time in a long time it felt as if Spring might arrive, but this is New England so can't get my hopes up too high. We did go down to the beach. I love to walk the beach.

Won't get much done today with writing, but it will happen. Trying to upgrade my website and facebook page. I need help, though. But I will sneak in some writing. Always do.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Biding time

It seems like its all I've been doing lately is biding time. Last year when Bob and I decided to look into adopting an older child, I never dreamed we would still be in limbo. Everything goes so slowly. And to think I had hopes of having him last Christmas. Now it looks as though it will push it for the summer. We still haven't been officially approved even though everything's done. Maybe by the end of March!!!

And I'm still biding time on my submissions. I had expected a reply for Wild Child before now or had hoped. Hate sending a reminder.

And Winds of Betrayal is going so slow. I went back to what I previously wrote for one half of the book. To be honest I cut Patriot Secrets. I'm using the last half of the original for Winds of Betrayal. The problem with that is that I wrote it ten years ago. That computer is long gone. I never transferred it over. I have it printed out. Now I have to go back and type it all in. Trying to decide whether to type as seen and go back and revise because it's going to need more revisions or revise as I go. And then the other half of the book, I've hit a snag. I know what I want to do, but how to get there in a believeable manner. Information surrounding Charleston during that time is limited (from a women's point of view) for what I'm looking for. The battle information is there. I know I've seen what I'm looking for before, just have to find it. The whole of the time in the Southern campaign seems rather brutual. I'll get it, though. Already have some good ideas.

I went back the other day and researched what fictional books there are with a similar theme. Ten years ago I couldn't find any with women spies in the American Revolution. Still not a lot. There's one which directly deals with 355 from the Culper spy ring. I have to get it and read it, but it seems to have taken a different direction. Hope so. Believe there could be several explanations. Surprised really that it hasn't been done more often, not with all it has surrounding it- intrigue, mystery, sex (it was rumored she had a child on board the Jersey). But there a few rumors pertaining to her. No one knows her true identity or if there was truly a 355. So much my little mind could come up with.

Patriots Secrets only leds up to the Culper ring. I love putting my heriones into these situation because I believe in this time period it could have happened. Men in general back then, British and American both, didn't believe that women were capable of deception. I believe they were and would have been efficient in their efforts. The women seemed to have been just as passionate for their cause as the men of that time.

And then to get into Benedict Arnold's betrayal! A whole other blog!!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Single Parents are not to be Envied!

I have an admiration for single parents. I couldn't do it. And mind you, my children are all older. My youngest is a sophomore in high school, but she's going to be the death of me. Bob's away this week at a meeting in Maine of all places. And when he's gone something always happens! I know I won't be getting much done. Tonight I let her go over and hang out with her friends and boyfriend. Totally my mistake. I had to go pick her up before I could go to work. Made me late. I need my head examined!!! What I agree to when I get woke up from my nap. Told her though if she does it again (wake me up and ask me if she can stay later) it doesn't count if I say yes.

My freshman in college is on spring break this week. One of her hockey teammates had a house in Los Cobos (think I spelled that right). Saw it online. Looks really nice. The girl's parents said it was safe and there's a group going. The girls came down after their last game and stayed the night. She had been straight out with mid-terms and hockey that I went out and got her some clothes, bathing suit, and toilettes. Good thing I did. She needed them. My son drove them into the airport this morning. First time she's going away without supervision. Maybe that's why I can't sleep good this week. Although last year she went to South Africa(to help with a school) and I didn't sleep until she got back. So, she's in Mexico. Didn't even realize it was on the other side of Mexico until she told me she had landed in LA. (Her father had all the flight information. I'm sure he must have told me. Maybe I should slow down a tad.)

My oldest- I don't think anythings going on major with him. He did get his scores back from the police exam he took last spring. He scored well, but there's not much hope of getting on at the moment unless he goes in the service or finishes his degree and that's about another year in the making. His spring break is later than most everyone this year. Mentioned going down to New York with his girlfriend for a weekend. They're on two different spring break schedules.

So, I'm not making alot of progress in my writing. Thinking alot; reading up on the American Revolution in South Carolina. Finding it difficult to find what I'm looking for, information on women during the occupation of Charleston. I love reading diaries, but there again I realized why my editor told me not to use the way they talked to a certain degree. I'm not certain if they really talked that way... but its the way they wrote their diaries. Have to be careful not to fall back into that pit. Interesting though. I love history.