Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Rain Has Stopped!!!!

Finally! I thought it was going to rain forever. Was beginning to feel like Noah. Water, water, everywhere-but the good thing is that it wasn't snow.

Still excited about my book even though it is going to be a while. I have so much to do with promoting it. I want to make sure it goes into print!!! Have become more computer literate over the last few weeks. Hubby helped me sign up for Linkedin. Suppose to a better way to make connections. We'll see. I have to sit down to Winds again. I decided to rewrite a part. Just doesn't feel right. Hate it when I do this. I have it in my head and its not coming out like I want it too.

Did something yesterday I have never done before. I withdrew a submission. I had postponed it too long, but I really wanted to know what they thought. I was 95% certain it was going to be a rejection anyway, but that 5%....Now I'll never know, but I'll live with it.

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