Monday, March 29, 2010

My first Conference

'Something must be wrong with me' is the opening line of my civil war novel, but something must be wrong with me! I had the most awesome time. I was like a little kid sitting in awe of most of the guest-speaking authors. Everyone was so friendly. Honestly, I have never been anywhere in New England where everyone was so accommodating and did I mention- friendly? I learned alot. Although I have to say I bombed my pitch. It was funny I couldn't shut up until I sat down with her. And yes, agents really do exist! She was extremely nice. And when she comes back and rejects me-this one's all me. Couldn't even say my name right. Wish I could hire someone to sell my writings-oh, yeah, that would be an agent! Could be the reason I really need one.

After this month I will have to join NEC. I have to update my website. And I haven't seriously wrote in a couple of weeks. Hubby's home this week. Won't be getting much done. He's doing house projects. Somehow he thinks I want to help. We're moving all the kids around, getting a new washer (finally) and microwave. Will have to put up my back-up (one day I'll have to tell the story about my giatantic microwave). Middle girl is coming home Wednesday. The vet called about my little doggy. She's still sick, although you can't tell by looking at her, kidney problems. Youngest is still having headaches. My oldest is just happy he's getting his old room back.

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