Monday, March 1, 2010

Single Parents are not to be Envied!

I have an admiration for single parents. I couldn't do it. And mind you, my children are all older. My youngest is a sophomore in high school, but she's going to be the death of me. Bob's away this week at a meeting in Maine of all places. And when he's gone something always happens! I know I won't be getting much done. Tonight I let her go over and hang out with her friends and boyfriend. Totally my mistake. I had to go pick her up before I could go to work. Made me late. I need my head examined!!! What I agree to when I get woke up from my nap. Told her though if she does it again (wake me up and ask me if she can stay later) it doesn't count if I say yes.

My freshman in college is on spring break this week. One of her hockey teammates had a house in Los Cobos (think I spelled that right). Saw it online. Looks really nice. The girl's parents said it was safe and there's a group going. The girls came down after their last game and stayed the night. She had been straight out with mid-terms and hockey that I went out and got her some clothes, bathing suit, and toilettes. Good thing I did. She needed them. My son drove them into the airport this morning. First time she's going away without supervision. Maybe that's why I can't sleep good this week. Although last year she went to South Africa(to help with a school) and I didn't sleep until she got back. So, she's in Mexico. Didn't even realize it was on the other side of Mexico until she told me she had landed in LA. (Her father had all the flight information. I'm sure he must have told me. Maybe I should slow down a tad.)

My oldest- I don't think anythings going on major with him. He did get his scores back from the police exam he took last spring. He scored well, but there's not much hope of getting on at the moment unless he goes in the service or finishes his degree and that's about another year in the making. His spring break is later than most everyone this year. Mentioned going down to New York with his girlfriend for a weekend. They're on two different spring break schedules.

So, I'm not making alot of progress in my writing. Thinking alot; reading up on the American Revolution in South Carolina. Finding it difficult to find what I'm looking for, information on women during the occupation of Charleston. I love reading diaries, but there again I realized why my editor told me not to use the way they talked to a certain degree. I'm not certain if they really talked that way... but its the way they wrote their diaries. Have to be careful not to fall back into that pit. Interesting though. I love history.

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