Sunday, April 11, 2010

Writing an Obession

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Writing is my obsession. Growing up I always wanted to write. I loved to read so naturally I thought I could write. So many stories, ideas, rambled in my head. So a little over ten years ago I decided enough of the excuses, I was going to write. I did have a few obstacles to overcome. Writing wasn’t my profession. My degree is in science, not English. I have three kids who over the course of time required a little attention. I have worked in a hospital setting most of my adult life, not behind a computer. But let me tell you… it was much harder than it looked. Never let it be said, though, that I turned away from a challenge.

I took every piece of criticism, every word of encouragement, every piece of advice to heart. Craving to improve-craving to create a story that others enjoy-craving to put down in words what is in my head. Learning so much about the intricacies of writing, the importance of conflict, conflict, conflict along with revise, revise, revise… Oh and I can’t forget the rejections, countless rejections that at the beginning I thought I would have to change my name to dear author. No one seemed to know my real name. And then finally an acceptance! I cried.

But in this world of writing, publishing, I guess I should say, I still have much to learn-promoting. I would much prefer to sit back behind the computer and write. I’m not much of a public speaker. When I was in high school and running for student council secretary, I had to make a speech to the whole school. I practiced my speech for hours in front of a mirror. When it came to giving it, I muttered it horribly. My mother said I sounded like a scared four-year old. She couldn’t understand a word I said…I haven’t changed much. Funny- because I love to talk. At times no one can get me to shut up, but put the spot light on me and I clam up like someone superglued my mouth.

This I’m doing now- no problem. I don’t have to utter a word, just type. I’m having a great time with this page. I want to help promote other writers and offer some interesting, tantalizing books to the readers. You can also follow me on my blog, twitter, and I also have a web page. Dream Walker, a paranormal suspense, was my first book published. Later on this year, I have another, a historical romance, Patriot Secrets, coming out. I love writing! I can’t stop. Did I tell you it’s my obsession?

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