Sunday, April 18, 2010

April Progress

I've had a busy April so far, but its been good. I haven't got as much writing done as I would like, but I'm having fun with Novel Works. I'm working hard trying to make this work and so far the reaction has been good. I love meeting authors. I have to say and maybe you can tell me I'm bias but they are the nicest people.

I'm cheating here because I'm going to paste my last discussion for the week here.
My first week on Novel Works! Have to give a big thanks to Jessica Andersen for agreeing to let me run her new release first on my recommendation list. I met her at this year's NECRWA conference. She gave a workshop on pitching to agents. Choosing her workshop solely on the knowledge that I have always considered agents to be an elusive beings, I found not only is she a talented writer, she gives insightful workshops. Afterwards, she ate dinner with the small group I was in. She offered advice when asked, but more importantly, she was a genuinely nice person. If I hadn't known she held the workshop, I would have assumed she was like most of the rest of us, aspiring writers. I say this because as you go through life sometimes its important to know an act of kindness is appreciated. I have to admit that my pitch to an agent at the conference didn't go as planned, but the fault had nothing to do with the workshop. Prepared as I was, there comes a time in everyone's life that they have to admit their limitations. Speaking is mine, especially when the only part of the pitch I got right was my name or at least my first name...I think. Writing, like life, is a learning experience and I learned I don't need to get out from behind my computer. But I had a wonderful time at my first conference. I met so many warm and gracious people, including Jessica Andersen. Pondering the thought of why I enjoyed the conference so much I have come to the conclusion that as a group, writers, aspiring and established, love what they do. Writing is a choice. Oh, don't get me wrong. Writing is confounding and frustrating at times, but writing is also challenging and fulfilling. One of the important aspects of the conference I took away with me was the importance of promoting. The idea for Novel Works sprung from that revelation. When my first book came out I didn't get it. I thought that the book would magically sell itself. Now with my second book coming out this year, I know I have to promote. With Novel Works, I hope to accomplish that goal, but also give back. I want to help other authors promote their books with my recommendations and new release announcements. And on the flip side, I want to help readers choose a book they will enjoy and hopefully introduce them to someone new and exciting.I want to thank Jessica once more for her kind deed. And to her credit, I understand that Demonkeepers is doing extremely well. In the the coming weeks I have lined up some more recommendations I believe everyone will enjoy. I want to say thank you to everyone that has become a fan. I would love to hear feedback on what you would like to see also.

There's not much left to say about last week. I have a new recommendation going out tomorrow. I get so excited about these recommendations. I have some other ideas to pull in readers. I'm having fun.

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