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Have you ever wondered why regencies do so well? Why are Billionaire series so successful? Why do we women love romance novels? The answer is quite simple. We love an escape from our lives if only briefly. I believe its true no matter how wonderful our life is...it's relaxing to fall under the spell of a magical book.

It's an escape from the ordeals of our ordinary life, don't you think? Not in a bad way. Remember that commercial...Calgon take me away. The phone is ringing; the kids banging on the bathroom door; hubbie calling out asking where something is; the dog running in the kitchen all muddy and shaking it all over the white cabinets... Life in general. Not a bad life...far from it...we love our lives, but its for a moment in time—while we have that book in hand—we women love to submerge ourselves in the fantasy that a romance novel delivers.

It's why I love to read romance novels; it's also the reason I write them. I'm going to let you in on a few little secrets. One of the reasons I love historicals is for the gowns and balls the heroine is bound to wear and attend. Going to a ball in one of those magnificent flowing gowns has always been one of my fantasies. Maybe it stems from growing up in the Bible belt. There weren't too many dances to attend. The other secret...I know without a doubt if I was in one of those gowns I would be transformed into Cinderella, a beautiful gorgeous princess.

Oh! But I can lose myself in contemporaries! I have a plan...a secret plan of writing a contemporary romance...before I die I have to write a love scene on the hero's private jet. You know it's why all those Billionaire Series are so successful...because you don't have to fly commercial. Now that I've brought this subject up—what about paranormal romances? Dark and forbidden, paranormal romances gives the romance author power over what goes bump in the night. For us readers, it gives us a glimpse into the dark side...can there redemption for our fallen hero?

What's your favorite type of romance novel? Does it depend on your mood? The story?

I have a great one for you— RUSE OF LOVE

Book Two of Winds of Betrayal Series

The beginning of a nation, abounding in danger, immersed in deceit!

A time of betrayal, spies and traitors!

The tides of war have shifted. When all eyes turn south, Doctor Jonathan Corbett finds himself once more thrust into the war’s turmoil. On assignment from General Washington, the dashing doctor discovers his mission has taken him straight into a conflict where the British are not the only ones to be feared.

Rebekah Morse has no time to contemplate the exploding war around her. Caught up as a pawn in a deadly conspiracy, she finds her only hope lies with her old friend, but things have changed since they last saw each other.

Yet destiny has not intervened in their lives without cause. Rebekah’s strength, courage, and breathtaking sensuality sets within Jonathan a desire he swore never to feel again. When Rebekah’s life is threatened, Jonathan is determined to save the stubborn woman whether she wants to be saved or not. Now Jonathan and Rebekah must face the perilous threat together—only to discover a passion they never imagined...

Praise for Ruse of Love

"Ruse of Love weaves together a fine tapestry of romance and history. With intense emotion and passion the characters come alive on the page and engage you from the opening chapters. Author Jerri Hines has cleverly crafted her story around the war torn south with such rich detail it makes you feel as though you are right there in the midst of the American Revolution."

—Cynthia Vespia

If you love romantic suspense, you'll love Ruse of Love. Guaranteed. If you don't become entangled in this gripping family saga, I'll send you a copy of any of my other books. Just show me you bought my book and just tell me enough about the book 
thatknow you read it and I'll give you another one of my books...
I'm sure I have one you'll love.  You can email me
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Have a good one! Keep Reading!

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