Friday, August 3, 2012


Four days to the release of Ruse of Love! Four days to Book Two in the Winds of Betrayal series! Four long let's have some fun before hand!

Let's celebrate all month long. A grand prize, a $25 dollar gift certificate to either Amazon or Barnes and Noble, will be given away at the end of August. I always like easy way to enter...a comment, a like on Facebook either personal pages or fanpage including both Novel Works and Patriot Secrets. I have one more way this time...Romantic Picks. So lots of places, lots of ways to enter. Good Luck!

So the gift certificate at the end of the month...what about now!

Starting on August 5th, Patriot Secrets, Book One of the Winds of Betrayal series, will be free on Amazon for 5 days. August 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9th! In celebration of Ruse of Love coming out! Ruse of Love is set to be released on August 7th!

Could you read Ruse of Love without having read Patriot Secrets? Of course you could. Ruse of Love could stand alone, but some of the background will be better understood if you read Patriot Secrets first. One of my favorite historical series is John Jakes, The Kent Family Chronicles. I read the first book, The Rebels, first. I didn't even realize when I started reading there was one before it, The Bastard. My mother had read it; I picked it up from her. I loved The Bastard. I became a huge John Jakes fan from that first book, but I did go back and read The Bastard before I read the rest of the series.

So before Ruse of Love is released, get a FREE copy of Patriot Secrets! I also have a blog post over on Roses of Prose today...a character interview with Jonathan. Don't miss it! I had a great time with it! Remember to comment or like. Just enjoy August.

Have a good one! Keep Reading!

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