Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Win a copy of Patriot Secrets!

Ah! My beloved Red Sox...such high expectations to have fallen to 0-4 to start the new season. Be still my heart. But I have a plan to help break the losing streak. Positive energy. Belief. So to show my confidence in my Red Sox I have decided to give away copies of Patriot Secret. Comment on when you think the losing streak will end and get a copy of Patriot Secrets. Send positive energy their way. If you get the right day their losing streak ends and their winning begins I'll give you a copy of Patriot Secrets!


  1. Tonight it ends!
    Dice K will be shaky in the first inning, giving Red Sox Nation an agonizing fit.
    BUT he'll calm down enough to work his way through six innings and hand over the lead to the bullpen.
    MEANWHILE, Carl Crawford will be a beast. At least three hits, two stolen bases, three runs scored.
    Final score Sox 5-1..
    (Quoting GOOD WILL HUNTING: My boy's wicked smaht!!!)

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for sure! Have to pull out some mojo. Losing at the moment 3-2. Going to break out. I can feel it!!!

  3. Can't watch until they win. Watched all the games in Texas. They have to do it tonight so I can watch again.

  4. Hi guys! Thanks for commenting. This Red Sox took 2 out of 3 from the Yankess this weekend, if you want a free copy of Patriot Secrets email me at Go Sox!