Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Changes to Novel Works!


I have an idea! I want to use Novel Works to promote or recommend other books, blogs, authors, new releases, etc... I do this now, but I really want to expand- grow bigger. I think I have a good foundation to do this. I have so many little ideas running through my head. Not only recommend authors, blogs, etc... but expand to make it fun for everyone...discuss books made into movies...what everyone is reading...exchange recipes...good ideas to in giving gifts (such as ebooks). Discuss the differences of different sites and what one can hope to gain from those sites. I surf the internet. I love finding new blogs filled with great suggestions. Using Facebook to post is a wonderful way for people to get a glimpse of what is out there.

I need your help though. I do not charge to promote on Novel Works. I need for you guys to share my link. I know that many of you have used Novel Works for a new release or maybe you've seen a book that has caught your eye. Help me to help you. I offer free promotions for new releases for anyone.

Next week I will be posting on the upcoming NEC Conference in Salem, Massachusetts! Love conferences. The first week of May you will find me promoting Brenda Novak's wonderful Online Auction for Juvenille Diabetes.

Coming the first week of May, Novel Works will be just that, a page to promote Novels. I'm moving my books over to their own page. I hope that you will like both my pages, Novel Works and Jerri Hines author. I have the links below.

On my new page, I hope to discuss my books, the inspiration for them, the history behind the characters, new releases, etc...

I invite you to join me on both my pages! Thanks!

Novel Works by Jerri Hines

Jerri Hines Books


  1. Thanks! Hope so. I love doing Novel Works, just want to be able to reach out to more people!