Thursday, April 28, 2011

NEC Romance Writer's Conference

           Busy weekend! I've been waiting for the NEC Romance writer's conference all month. I hope I'm not going to be disappointed. I was like a little kid in a candy store last year. I'm excited. I'm rooming with a friend I made last year at the conference. We've kept in touch. So that should be fun. It's in Salem. Lovely town.
           The conference should be a good time. They have some great authors lined up for speakers such as Anne Stuart. She's been around forever it seems. Just got through reading her lastest release, Breathless. Enjoyed it. Hope I get to met her. Here I go being a fan. Can't help it. Been reading her books for ages.
           Some wonderful editors and agents, great workshops, food and -do you know what I enjoyed most about last year?- I got so many books. Of course, one author at my table won a basket of books. I never win anything, but since it was her donation she ask if anyone at our table wanted it. Might not win anything, but I have quick reflexes. First hand up! A whole basket of books!
           I hope I get to see some of the other authors I met last year. Laura Breck is one of the authors holding a workshop. I get to met another Rose! Roses of Prose that is. She's doing a workshop on public speaking. I'm a lost cause on that one, but I'll go. It certainly couldn't hurt.
         A little nervous too I'll admit. I love meeting new people and interacting. But...big but...we sent in pitches to either agents or editors. I'm having flashbacks to the diasater of a pitch last year with that agent (all me) I'm too sensitive. Criticism only makes your writing better. I can take it...behind my computer or opening a letter. I don't have to react immediately. Instead wait until the raw feelings wear down then react. Can't do that in front of a person. Oh, please don't let me tear up again! Totally unprofessional response I suppose, but not only am I a writer, I am a woman. Women cry. It's what we do or at least what I do. Always have whether happy, sad, angry, sad movies, etc...You get the picture.
        At the moment though I have created a little bubble world where I dream of going up to the conference where everything is wonderful. The editor loves my pitch and wants the manuscript immediately. Another editor that I submitted a different manuscript to a few months ago has waited until this moment knowing I would be here at the conference to tell me she can't wait to read the rest of my submission (if only I didn't do run on sentences!). All the authors want to be featured on Novel Works. And to make my dream perfect I win a basket of books!
         So until Sunday, I'll live in my little bubble world.
         If anyone is in Salem Saturday between 4:00 and 5:30, you should drop by for the bookfair. It's at the Hawthorne Hotel. I won't get to stay for the bookfair (I have a wedding to go to), but it will be filled with all these wonderful authors. I would highly recommend it.
         If you're not in Salem, check out the Saturday spotlight author this week on Roses of Prose. Lindsay Townsend. A wonderful author, great person. Exciting, romantic tales of knights! Her latest, To Touch the Knight, is due for release in July.

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