Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day to St. Patrick's Day Event!

CONTEST TIME!  Starting Valentine's Day through St. Patrick's Day!

I haven't done a contest for a while. Decided its time. Now holding a contest can be simple. Decided this time for me it won't be. For those to enter it will be. There is a couple of things I need and you guys are just the ones to help me. And in turn I have prizes!

I'm going to admit I'm not a sales person. I write and by profession I work in a laboratory. A real lab, not the ones on TV. My dad wanted me to be a doctor. Instead, I became a Medical Technologist. The point, neither profession has a thing to do with being able to make a sale. And on Novel Works, I don't have an issue asking for someone to look and buy another's book. My own I have a problem asking people to buy it. Humble, perhaps, but humble doesn't sale.

Does writing a good book automatically make it a best seller? Not by a long shot. Does a good review guarantee a sale? No. Advertising is key. And when you're on a strict budget, I'm afraid it doesn't go far. When you publish with a small publisher, you don't have the backing of publicizing your book. It's up to me.

So this is why I'm turning to you. I need your help in talking up Patriot Secrets! I have faith in my book. I just need more people to read it.

The contest: there will be a couple of ways to enter.

1)  First recommend Patriot Secrets to a friend! All you have to do is tell me, email me, leave me a comment either on Novel Works, Facebook, or here. I'll believe you.

2)  If you have already read Patriot Secrets leave me a comment, a simple review of the book. Again it, the comment can be here, Novel Works, Facebook or email me.

3)  If your friend reads Patriot Secrets, have them leave me a comment. I'll enter them in the contest. Same way to enter. Also if you leave a comment on the buyers sight about Patriot Secrets I'll enter you in also, just let me know. I love feedback!

4)  Now, this is a little different. Having issues with Facebook and inviting people to like my Fanpage. Facebook recommended that I have friends post it on their Facebook Page and see if I can get fans that way. So if you post recommending Novel Works, you're entered, just let me know.

Remember on Novel Works I offer free promotions for anyone with a new release and also when I highlight authors- all is free. So the more fans I have, the more people I can reach.

So what do you get?

1) At the end of each week- I will give a way a copy of an ebook (value no more than $6) from Amazon-hopefully either Patriot Secrets or Dream Walker. But it will be your choice.
Days of book give away- February 19-February 26-March 5-March 12, March 19

2) At the end of the contest (March 19) one name will be drawn for a $25 gift certificate to

3) If at the end of the first quarter, if I have sold enough books to have Patriot Secrets go into print, I will give away a Nook, a Kindle, or a $150 gift certificate to either or Barnes and Nobles!

Sidenote- hopefully I would know in April whether total number of sales have been enough to put Patriot Secrets into print, but with my publisher sometimes that's not the case. It may be later, but I will hold to if the numbers were there at the end of March, 2011, I will give away the Kindle, Nook or $150 gift certificate to those that were entered into the contest.

Make sure if you leave a comment, I can get back in touch with you if you win a prize. Second, you can win a book and the $25 gift certificate, but once you've won a book for the week, you won't be able to win another book. But everyone's in for the Grand Prize if Patriot Secrets goes into print.
Places to buy my book

Wild Child Publishing



Patriot Secrets at some point will be at Fictionwise and Barnes and Noble Nook. When it comes up at those venues, I will let you know!

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