Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Sun's Out!

Congratulations to Lyndsay Paparo who was this week's winner of an ebook. Love the way its so easy to give away books on Amazon. Don't forget the contest continues until March 19th. Easy to enter and win. Recommend, recommend, recommend. Recommend my book, comment about it, or recommend my Fan Page! Just let me know. The rules are on my previous post last week and also under discussions on Novel Works.

Oh, the sun's out! I went for a walk a couple of times around the neighborhood this last week. A taste of spring, but only a small taste because it turned so bitter cold again last night! It felt good to get out again. This winter's been so, so long.

Been trying to get into writing my new book I've had in my head. It's not coming out on paper the way it is in my head. I hate that. I love it when it flows. This one is definitely a rough draft, but if I could work out the kinks it could be one of my best. I'm still waiting to hear back on my other submissions. Should hear soon on Another Night Falls. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

To be honest, I'm not even sure that my other submission, my fantasy, got to its destination. I have never sent a whole manuscript before through the mail. So I wait at least for another month before I do anything else with that one. Really when I read the submissions guidelines, I wrote the book angled for this particular publisher. I've never done that before. So we'll see.

Excited about the NECRWA Conference that's coming up. Just have to sign up. Will by the end of the week. Already sharing a room with a friend I met last year. She's so much more organized than I am. The whole of the conference looks great. This year I'm going in better prepared. I recognize so many more authors. Last year I went in blind, but had a great time.

I'm having the biggest issues with my fanpage on Facebook. Facebook's support system stinks to put it mindly. I think they want you to advertise because now I can't suggest my page to anyone. I did as they suggested and asked friends to post it on their pages. I even included asking for people to recommend it in my contest. Not only have I not gained a like, I've lost one. So I don't think its working. Shame because I've really enjoyed my fanpage. Now I'm not even sure if it's going out to my fans at all. So if anyone's wondering why I haven't been featuring authors its because the ones I did in January I'm not sure if it went out to everyone. I have two Facebook pages and I never saw the postings on my second page. So I wonder what's going on. Hate to put so much time and effort into it with no results for my efforts.

Ah, but all is not lost. The sun is out and without a doubt warmth is soon to follow!

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