Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An Ebook Writer's Prayer

      There should be some sort of method to my madness. Shouldn't there? I read online how to sell ebooks. I try things. Some things work and some things don't. Obviously this contest thing here isn't at the moment. I had this strange idea that if only I could reach more people; if only its out there surely people would read it; if only.... There is a reason I want to sell more books and it's not to retire or quit my job (although now that I'm thinking about that doesn't sound half bad.) No, I've been told on good authority that its not real unless its in print. The good authority- my family.
      It's seems my family read only hardback books. Honestly, if I hear that one more time when it comes out in print I'll read it..really, my brothers, my sister, my mother, my in-laws... these are the people I'm talking about here!
      Now, I need your feedback. Should I get my feelings hurt that no one in my family has read my book? (This is not counting my children and husband. They did. I know. It's on all their computers.) Why its only been four months! The total of my family that has bought my book, but haven't read it -3.  And that's including both sides of my family. I wouldn't feel so bad but it came out around the time of my 50th birthday and it was all I asked them to do. Don't buy a card, nothing, just buy my book- it's all of $5.95. Was that too forward?
       I know I shouldn't complain about my family. I did have the most wonderful birthday. My husband went all out. But back to my frustration-
       Not only has my mother not read it, I wasn't expecting her to buy it. I offered it to her. Really I would give anyone of my family my book. I just want them to read it.  My mother doesn't have a computer. My sister who did buy it but hasn't read it printed it out for Mom. When I was home, I wanted Mom to read it and give me a review for it. She reads all the time. She loves Mary Balogh, Catherine Coulter, etc... It's all she does most days. I even buy her those books for Christmas and birthday. God bless her. She's 75 years old and doesn't understand a thing about ebooks or computers. You know what she tells me everytime I've talked to her about my book. She says "Jaye (that's what my family calls me) Jaye, I have gone to three different book stores. Barnes and Nobles doesn't even have it. I checked back in with them this week."
      Now can you understand my frustration. Yes, I want to bang my head up against a brick wall. I know, I know, my next book with my new publisher will be in print, but I haven't even started edits and won't for a couple of months. But hopefully then I will be able to hand her a copy, but for now the only way to get Patriot Secrets in print is to sell more books. So I pray!
      Lord help me, please! I pray I don't need a national best seller. I can live with the fact and accept it even though I will continue to strive to do so. Just please help my mother to understand that my books are real and the best review I could ever get would be from her telling me it's the best book she ever read.    

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