Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Power of Facebook

     The power of facebook! You know we have all heard it. One story after another. Well, let me add to the tale! Combining my two facebook pages and Novel Works, I have well over 6000 connections. And I want to add I love Facebook, being able to reach out and connect to people with similar interest. But...
     I saw this blog that wanted another author, a Rose so to speak. I have always loved flowers and thought Hey, this would be great. Not that I would stop this blog, but it would add to my connections. I really like their lay out and did I mention you get to be a rose! Always wanted to be thought of as a rose. Now being the mature person that I am, I do realize this is not life or death. I won't turn into a pumpkin if I don't become the next rose. I know this, but when the voting started it was like I was back on the basketball court and my competitive juices started flowing. I should be competitive in the voting. Right? I do have my Facebook friends, my fans on Novel Works. Not only that, but my friends in my chat groups. Right? So what if everyone is on vacation this week. I should manage to pull out a VICTORY!
      Not so fast. Today's the last day of voting. And I'm losing. Not that its a big deal, but the count- I'm losing 28 to 24. 28 to 24! (And most of those votes have come from me begging my family to vote!)
     Humbling no doubt! Out of over 6000 connections, I have managed a staggering 24 votes. Obviously I won't be running for political office anytime soon. Here I was thinking how easy it is to vote by clicking on the connection...
      Ah, but... it is also irritating. All the other time I'm offering something like a funny video, a funny antedote, a status of what I'm doing...on Novel Works I'm offering books for every one to consider reading. The bottom line I'm giving, entertaining so to speak. So how will I finish- a straight burst of energy or stagger across the finish line?
       I'm leaving the link below if anyone feels the need to vote. If not don't worry! I do have my own blog and I have control of it! Right! If I really want to be a rose, all I have to do is...

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