Friday, December 31, 2010

Aspiring Author- Michael Anthony Hines

Today my guest is an aspiring author who just completed his first work. Welcome my guest-
Michael Anthony Hines from Mrs. Roberts first grade class.

Welcome Mikey. Can I call you Mikey?

Yes, Auntie Jaye-Jaye. Thank you for having me as your guest.

So, Mikey, what inspired to write your work My First Stories?

My teacher, Mrs. Roberts, told me that this was a Christmas present for my family. I wanted my family to always have a gift from my heart. I wanted for my Mom and Dad to cherish my written words forever.

That's sweet. Have you always liked to write?

YES! I always love to read and love to illustrate. Some of favorites books include A Fish Out of Water, Afternoon on the Amazon, and Ready Freddy. My favorite series are Dr. Seuss and Magic Tree House Books.

I have noticed you have done a great job with your illustrations. You must like to draw.

I do. I like to draw and paint. I love to do crafts and create things with my hands.

You have done such a great job with your book, Mikey. Who do you credit with your success?

My mom was a teacher before she stayed home with me and my brothers. She takes care of me, feeds me and gets me up to school. My dad makes a lot of money so we can have a home. My teacher teaches me lots of things so that I can read.

So, Mikey, what do you do besides write and draw?

I ice skate, color, soccer, and Wii and DSI. I play with my brothers, Eddie, whose older and in third grade, and Little Billy who is in preschool. I play with my friends at school, Corrin, Ryan, Molly, Shay, and Will.

Thank you so much Mikey for joining me today. How about a little sample of your work?

My First Stories

I dedicate this book to my Uncle Bobby because he always makes me laugh.

A Gift

If I had a lot of money I would buy many gifts. I would buy Mom a tropical island with her own fairy boat. She would get coconut milk and she would have a log cabin. I would buy Dad a stadium with the Patriots. He would be on TV. I would buy Eddie and Billy a private train that had a bathroom and food so they could have a good trip. I would buy my grandparents a new cellar because their old one had a flood so it's ugly and gross. I would buy my friend a dog house for her puppy because she needs one. I would buy my teacher a painting of Molly so she can look at it. I like to give gifts.

My Wish

There are many things I wish for this holiday. I wish there were no dams so water can go freely. I wish the Devil didn't exist so there wouldn't be crooks. I wish everyone would go to church so there would be more kindness in the world. I wish roads would go around the woods so animals' houses won't get destroyed. I wish no guns were made so people wouldn't die. I wish you a Merry Christmas.

Sometimes its nice to sit back and remember the simpler times and why we write. How important it is to put down how we feel and why. So at the end of this year I do like to thank Mikey for letting me see through the eyes of child.

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  1. I like that Michael loves write. I love part of his work. You should see his full book. I know that I enjoyed writing mine when I was in the first grade. Great job, Mikey.
    Love your brother,