Friday, December 17, 2010


        All my daughter wanted for Christmas was a dog. So I went on line and found her one, an adorable Austrian Shepard mix puppy. She's from a shelter in Tennessee (not that far really from where I'm from). The poor little thing was found in a bag around two weeks old with her litter mates. She was bottle feed from that time on by her great foster mom who sent me up the most adorable videos of Colbie (Dallas). I loved it. Colbie was in a barn with other dogs, even at one time sitting on a hay bale. CPR, Companion Pet Rescue and Transport, was the organization that we got Colbie from. Well, her name was originally Dallas, but Becca had already had a name picked out. Really, Becca had in mind exactly what she wanted. She had decided on an Austrian Shepard for some reason. We have never had one before. We have had labs and Boston Terriers. She wanted a girl. She wanted it for Christmas.
       I have always heard never give an animal for Christmas, but I made an execption. I went online and researched. Could have brought a full breed dog. I like full breed because usually they kept to their characteristics, but I my search pulled up Dallas on Petfinder. From the moment I saw her she looked perfect to me, but it was Becca who had in mind what she wanted. One look and Becca fell in love with her. Who wouldn't? She is absolutely adorable.
      I have to commend CPR. What a great organization! We picked out Colbie (Dallas) and we got her last Wednesday. Of course we had to go through an application process, but they have to make sure the doggie is finding a good home. Colbie is under my feet at the moment. Both her and Dexter. Max just sits back and watches the two go at it. It's non -stop and then they collapse. I think Dexter thinks we got him a Christmas present.
     Boy, they are so different. Colbie makes Dexter look like an awkward teenager. Colbie is athletic and agile. They romp around the house. (I'm hoping since I finally got the Christmas tree up they don't knock it down.)
     My other daughter said while Bailey(the little dog we lost last summer) was like a princess, Colbie is like a diva. You know, I think she's right. You should see Colbie prance (not walk) around the house. And if she isn't like Becca! Oh, my. Becca has always liked to get her way. In the short time I've been around Colbie, think she's the same. The two just seem to go together well. Colbie bonded with Becca immediately like she knew she was meant for Becca.
     So I know everyone will think I'm crazy having three dogs in the house. I probably am, but you know, I love it!
      Just a little side note. If anyone is interested in getting a dog I would highly recommend CPR. I'm leaving the link below.

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