Friday, August 20, 2010

Writings on My Blog

Ok, been thinking. Novel Works on Facebook is doing well. I had a great week with Samhain last week, because the authors interacted with my page. When I do a whole week of spotlighting on a author, it only goes ok. I'm doing Susan Wiggs this week- one of my all time favorites and I'm getting nothing. No interaction. Most, except a few, haven't interacted with my fans, which is fine. I don't ask them to. But now this is where my thinking is coming in.

I have to be inventive on my promotion for Patriot Secrets. Novel Works is a step in the right direction, but what I need to do is create a following for my writing. The only other book out I have is a paranormal which is far from my historical fiction as you can get. No, what I need is to introduce my writing. This is where my ideal comes from.

I could write short stories. I have some ideas about writing adventures when I was a child, my husband's first interactions with my family, my first impression of the Northeast, my own kids growing up... You get the picture.  But writing takes time and right now, I don't have a lot of that. My energy is focusing on Patriot Secrets and the sequels. Which leaves only one option if I want to display my writing. Use a manuscript I haven't sold. I only have one that would suit the bill- Whisperings of a Southern Heart.

Whisperings is perfect the way I'm thinking. I love the premise to the book, but it needs revising. It's long which would suit my purpose. If people read it, I could get feedback. And most importantly it would give a glimpse of my writing.

I got the ideal from listening to a author tell his story of how he got found. He said that everyone is afraid of giving their work out for free, but you need to establish a fan base. He said that he does his from pod cast. I don't know a thing about pod cast, but I already have a blog. I already have a book. What I need is a fan base!

So starting this Sunday, I'm going to use my blog to post segments of my book, Whisperings of a Southern Heart. I would love all the feedback I can get. I hope you enjoy it!
Jerri Hines

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sticking with my Name!

Boy! Am I not with it today. I just posted an empty blog!!! I haven't written in a while. So much has happened.

First- I'm dropping my pen name. It hurts because I always wanted to have a pen name. Had it all picked out and everything, but all the work I've done on promoting -I've used my real name. So I decided to take away my pen name (for now) and just go with Jerri. Boy, I do wish I could have used my pen name. The concept is great. To hide behind a name and you're really someone else. But its not meant to be for me- just plain ole Jerri Hines. But I betca' you don't know what my friends and family call me- Jaye (my nickname from my sister. I added the e at the end when I got older.)

Names are so important. Don't you think? I never liked my name. Oh, don't tell my Momma. I was named after my dad-Gerald ( his nickname was Jerry), but then when my brother came along he was named after my dad. So what was the point? I mean they could have at least given me a girl's middle name, but I got my mother's maiden name. A totally Southern thing- I know and love the idea-but I always wanted a girl's name. So the pen name was my chance and I even blew it. Oh, I'll get over day...I suppose.

Lost my sick little doggie. It was so sad. The whole family took it badly. Miss her. She was always so active and loving. My other doggie is sad too. He's never been alone. He's thirteen and he had our lab, Buddy, when we got him. Before Buddy passed ( a long and happy life) we got Bailey. Poor Max doesn't know what to do. We take him everywhere with us now and try not to leave him alone.

Whisperings got rejected by the agent-not that I didn't know that was going to happen. It's way too long. I have to go back and revise the book. The agency made some good points and I appreciate their input. And an agent requested my whole work-that's a step forward!

Finally doing edits on Patriot Secrets. My poor editor(Love her.The patience of Job for sure)- I'm getting headaches. It's a long book, too. Not as long as Whisperings of a Southern Heart. I wrote it so long ago I have to think at times why I did something. Oh my poor brain. It must not be used to thinking. But I'm getting excited about the book again. I really do feel like its a great book. Hope so. I'm trying to do everything I can to make sure its a success. What do they say pouring your heart and soul into a project. I sent in for my cover. I can't wait to see what it looks like!

The summer weather has been great. Only thing is that the summer is flying by. My hubby's parents go down to the Cape for a couple of weeks every year. We're not that far away. So we go down quite a bit during their stay or I should say my husband does. I turn around and he's gone. I think he relives his childhood a tad. It's what they did when he was small.

I have really gone off on a tangent here. I hope someone can make heads or tails off this blog today. I've gone from one subject to another. Oh, well, I've started another book Broken Legacy. My thought was to do a nice quick romance. I discovered I can't do that nice quick romance thing!