Friday, August 20, 2010

Writings on My Blog

Ok, been thinking. Novel Works on Facebook is doing well. I had a great week with Samhain last week, because the authors interacted with my page. When I do a whole week of spotlighting on a author, it only goes ok. I'm doing Susan Wiggs this week- one of my all time favorites and I'm getting nothing. No interaction. Most, except a few, haven't interacted with my fans, which is fine. I don't ask them to. But now this is where my thinking is coming in.

I have to be inventive on my promotion for Patriot Secrets. Novel Works is a step in the right direction, but what I need to do is create a following for my writing. The only other book out I have is a paranormal which is far from my historical fiction as you can get. No, what I need is to introduce my writing. This is where my ideal comes from.

I could write short stories. I have some ideas about writing adventures when I was a child, my husband's first interactions with my family, my first impression of the Northeast, my own kids growing up... You get the picture.  But writing takes time and right now, I don't have a lot of that. My energy is focusing on Patriot Secrets and the sequels. Which leaves only one option if I want to display my writing. Use a manuscript I haven't sold. I only have one that would suit the bill- Whisperings of a Southern Heart.

Whisperings is perfect the way I'm thinking. I love the premise to the book, but it needs revising. It's long which would suit my purpose. If people read it, I could get feedback. And most importantly it would give a glimpse of my writing.

I got the ideal from listening to a author tell his story of how he got found. He said that everyone is afraid of giving their work out for free, but you need to establish a fan base. He said that he does his from pod cast. I don't know a thing about pod cast, but I already have a blog. I already have a book. What I need is a fan base!

So starting this Sunday, I'm going to use my blog to post segments of my book, Whisperings of a Southern Heart. I would love all the feedback I can get. I hope you enjoy it!
Jerri Hines

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