Monday, January 25, 2016

In The Works

Southern Legacy is coming to audio. Belle of Charleston should be available on audio in April.

Belle of Charleston

I am finally back writing. I’m working diligently on my next release, Framed under Colleen Connally. It will be the second book in Boston’s Crimes of Passion.contemporary romantic suspense.

I know that some of you will ask why. Don’t I have Winds of Betrayal to finish? I do. It’s next up.

Set Fire To The Rain will probably be one of the hardest book I will ever write. Winds of Betrayal has been my baby for a long time.  Even though, I’ve known from the beginning how it will end, it will be hard to say to characters that have been with me since I began writing.

But I promise it will be a worthy ending and stay true to the series. 

From the beginning of Winds of Betrayal, I wanted to show the bravery, honor and courage demonstrated during the American Revolution. I have always felt that the American Revolution was a unique war.

The split from England formed the United States of America, I feel, the greatest country in the world. Yes, I’m Patriotic. It runs deep in my blood.

But writing Winds of Betrayal, I wanted to project the British in a true light. Honestly, if the British had their hearts behind the war in the beginning, we might not be America today.

In war, it always brings out the best and worst in people on both sides.

Our Founding Fathers created our country through immense sacrifice. The same as writing Southern Legacy broke my heart; Winds of Betrayal made me proud to be an American.

If you're looking for Set Fire To The Rain, it is coming this year. I don't have an exact date,
but there will be no more postponing the inevitable. The end to Winds of Betrayal is coming.

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  1. I cannot wait for Set Fire To The Rain to be released. Really looking forward to reading it.