Monday, September 28, 2015


The dramatic conclusion to Southern Legacy, The Sun Rises, will be released October 19th! It has been a long time coming. TheSunRises (1)

I hope that Southern Legacy will sweep you back into the past and make you want to read more… starting with Belle of Charleston.
I first wrote Southern Legacy ten years ago under the title of Whispers of a Southern Heart. I never could get anyone to look at my book. That year at the NECRWA conference, I was talking to an agent. She simply told me it was too long.

Too long….at the time it was 180,000 words. Completed today, putting all four books together—it is over 230,000 words. Given that a book is considered a novel at 50,000 words, I can’t argue that Southern Legacy is lengthy. In the age of the ebook, most authors try to keep their novels between 50,000-70,000 words to maintain their reader’s attention. I considered several options. I wanted to offer it at one price and release it a little at a time—like a true serial. I had to go through Amazon and Amazon refused. After a lot of considerartion, I was left with only one choice—releasing Southern Legacy in a series of books. I realized I had a challenge before me on how to release my Southern Legacy.

Number One—I was told readers don’t like cliffhangers. In turn, I gave warnings that Belle of Charleston was a serial…more one than one. I was prepared for the negative reviews to come…the ones that were angry because it was a cliffhanger despite the warnings given.

Number Two—This one I truly don’t understand, but I realize it upsets some readers—the readers that complain that I wrote the series only to make money. Yes, it is my intention to make money off my writings. I would love to make enough with my books to give up my regular job. BUT it is not my intention, nor has it ever been, to misled readers.

Number Three— It has been my intention to create a story that would hold your attention until the end. It is my sincere hope I have succeed.

ShadowsofMagnolia (1)BornToBeBrothers_Standard (3)

For anyone that wants Southern Legacy under one cover, it is coming. I will be releasing all four books under one cover in time for Christmas. It will go into print at that time also.

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BUT—there will be an OCTOBER GIVEAWAY!!! Will let you know how to enter soon...


  1. I haven't read any of these so far

  2. Sadly, I haven't read your first three books so I don't have a favorite. However, they sound quite interesting and I have added them to my TBR list.

  3. I hope you get the chance to read Southern Legacy. Good luck in the Giveaway!!

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  5. Congratulations to Julie Matthews, the winner of Septemeber's Southern Legacy Giveaway!! Thanks everyone for entering. October's Giveaway will begin in the next few days!!!

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