Friday, June 13, 2014


Changes are in the wind for the books I write under Jerri Hines. I'm excited about these changes.

Winds of Betrayal series began years ago with Wild Child Publishing. Patriot Secrets was published in Ocotber, 2010. When I got the rights back, I split Patriot Secrets into two books, The Cry For Freedom and Embrace of the Enemy. Splitting Patriot Secrets made sense on two levels— I was able to give a sample away of my writing so the reader could get a feel for the story. Second, Patriot Secrets was a long book, over 110,000 words. Splitting the book made two regular length ebooks.

Winds of Betrayal is an ongoing series... a serial. Some reviewers of The Cry For Freedom were upset that it was a cliffhanger. Some were upset that it wasn't a standalone, saying I gave it away only so readers would buy the rest of the series.

I've been known to write cliffhangers. My series Whispers of Legend under my penname Carrie James Haynes is a cliffhanger after another. Fantasy readers have never complained...only asked when the next one was coming out.

I will confess I do give away books so readers will want to read the rest of the series. Yes, I want you to get attached to the characters and story...

But as for the cliffhanger...I made the decision to put The Cry For Freedom and Embrace of the Enemy back under one cover, Winds of Betrayal 1 & 2: The Cry For Freedom and Embrace of the Enemy. I have put the series into print and Winds of Betrayal 1 & 2 is on audio. With the release of The Heavens Shall Fall, I have made up my mind to give Winds of Betrayal 1 & 2 away free.

It is free everywhere now, except on Amazon. To get it to be free on Amazon, the more readers that report it the lower price, the quicker it will go free. Just go to the Amazon link to report lower price. Take the link from Barnes and Noble or iTunes and enter into the URL link.

So here is the new look of Winds of Betrayal series:




Big news on the horizon for me— Whiskey Creek Press has been bought out by Start Publishing. I'm happy to say that my series, Tides of Charleston, will be with Start Publishing. I had planned on taking back my rights to the series. After consideration about what Start Publishing could offer, I have decided to go with Start Publishing. I'm excited about the future of Tides of Charleston. I will give more details later.

I'm also attending RomCon next week. I leave for Denver on Thursday.  If you are in the area June 19-21, come by...should be a lot of fun! Two of my books, Broken Legacy and Fragmented, are up for Readers' Crown Awards for Best Historical and Romantic Suspense.

Coming later this year, I'm planning on releasing the first book in the Southen Legacy series. Set during the Civil War in Charleston, Belle of Charleston is the first book in the series...I promise you will be swept away with romance....


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