Thursday, December 20, 2012

HAPPY HOLIDAYS....Here's to the Memories!

It’s been a while since I wrote on this blog. This was my first blog and I kinda consider it my journal. I mean I did until this last year. I enjoyed writing about my dogs, my kids, and family besides my writing. I’ve always felt it was a connection to my writing.

This year has been a different year for me. So many changes and losses. I lost someone dear to me this year. My Aunt Dolly. Technically, she was my husband’s aunt. But when I first moved to Boston, I lived with her until hubbie and I married. She was the sweetest woman. She opened up her home to me. An act of kindness I never forgot.

My husband's mother suffers from Alzheimer's. She has had it for years but it has only been recently that she is in a nursing home. Alzheimer's is an awful, awful disease not only for the patient, but the family. My heart breaks watching my father-in-law and husband deal with the effects of this disease.

Then my own mother is dealing with her own issues. The hard part about my mother is that I live so far away. My siblings, nieces, and nephews take great care of her. She is smothered by love, but I'm not there.

There have been some great things too this year. My hubbie and I celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary by taking the kids and my son's girlfriend to Ireland and England. A memorable trip. We feared it would turn into National Lampoon's Vacation, but it was perfect...a trip I will hold in my heart forever. But I believe that's what we make during our lifetime...memories to hold in your heart.

I was thinking about Dolly today while I was watering a Christmas cactus she gave me last year at this time. It made me smile.

Then I began remembering other Christmases. Every year when I was a young girl, I got my doll. I had to have my doll. It was all I needed. There was one Christmas I got a chemistry set I loved, but the main thing I remember as a child was the excitement on Christmas Eve. Spending the night with my cousins and exchanging gifts after dinner...and endlessly waiting while the adults finished their dinner. And my dear mother. Every Christmas she wanted a white Christmas which is quite rare in Mississippi.

Then came the changing of the times...getting older and Christmas changed. The magic of Christmas disappeared, but developed into a deep appreciation for the meaning of the season and time spent with family. My father, God rest his soul, had a heart condition. After his first heart attack, we never took time together for granted. Christmas was a special time for him. When my children we young and we tracked down to Mississippi, we were always late for Christmas Eve because of hubby's job. But Dad would wait for us to celebrate Christmas. My whole family waited and would envelope us with Christmas spirit.

The magic of Christmas returned after my children were born. I wish everyone could see the world through a child's eye. The wonder and merriment. So many wonderful memories even the time when my son got everyone up at four in the morning, but Santa had come and we were up. Or the time we got my youngest a Barbie doll house. We had hid it out in the shed...not a great idea. A mouse made a nest within the large cardboard box, but we must have moved the box because the mouse was squashed. Oh...I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned...and cleaned. She never knew until we told her a couple of years ago. She loved that doll house. Matter of fact, I have it packed away up in the attic for when she has a little girl.

This Christmas once more there is a changing of the times. Christmas Eve where we once spent it at my husband's family...isn't happening because of his mother. We are having everyone out for Christmas Day, but Christmas Eve is ours now to begin new traditions. My dad always said about change- "It's the way its suppose to be."

My wish to you this Christmas— make a memory.


And if you're in the mood to read...I released several books this year...have a new website—Jerri Hines, Romance Author...Ruse of Love was released...the second book in the Winds of Betrayal Series...I have the rights back to Patriot Secrets. I'm going to be revamping the look of Winds of Betrayal Series at the beginning of the new year...look for it.

Whispers of a Legend by Carrie James Haynes.
Released the fourth part in the installment. Time of the Nuxvenom! Check it out if you get the opportunity. Don't forget part one- Shadows of the Past is Free!

Seductive Secrets by Colleen Connally
I am so partial to this book. My husband picked this pen name about four hours before we left for Ireland. I'm working on the next two releases under Colleen Connally. Broken Legacy should be out in February. I'm hoping. Broken Legacy has to be the most emotional book I've attempted. Seductive Lies will follow...not too far behind.

I will recommend Another Night Falls with Whiskey Creek Press to you if you love historical romance. It hasn't had  too much promoting. I think it kinda got lost in all my other releases this year. But I don't think you would be disappointed. It has everything you look for in a romance...

My sincere wish for you to have the most wonderful holiday. Everyone...everywhere. Take care! Keep safe! Keep reading!


  1. Merry Christmas, Jerry! Wishing you all the best for the New Year!

  2. Kiru,

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!