Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Empty Nest Syndrome

What a lovely weekend. My hubby took me away for my birthday. Just for a day, but it was just what I needed. We went to the mountains, the White Mountains...a couple of weeks late for foliage, but it was beautiful. When the kids were little, we used to take them up to Storyland, a quaint little amusement park for little kids.

This day away though was for the two of us. A day away...from the house. It's been an adjustment not having any of the kids around...empty nest syndrome. This day away was a perfect remedy for it. For such a long time, my focus has been on the kids. Now they are living their own life. It's the way it's suppose to be...it's just I so enjoyed being their mother. Now is a different phase of my life, not bad, just different. It's not like I'm not their mother anymore. They still call when they need something...or miss home. It is different because no one is home. Don't have to worry about when one of them is suppose to be home. Only my doggies and hubby. It's too quiet.

Everyone says it a time to get to get to know your hubby again. So a night away. Hubbie booked us in a great bed and breakfast in Jackson, New Hampshire, Christmas Farm Inn. Lovely area. Lovely people. Lovely inn.

I so enjoyed it. Gave me a new perceptive on this phase on my life. I still enjoy my children, except now we talk about things like the election-my middle one is out to change the world and is so passionate about the issues-my youngest talks non-stop about new friends, classes, football games and of course how much warmer it is down there- my son lives near by. It was great to call on him to watch our doggies. Matter of fact, it was good to see him. He lives the closest and I probably see him about as often as the girls. But its the way its suppose to be.

 Time changes. It's life. Just lucky to have someone to go through it with.

Have a great day!

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