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Super Dog!

I had such a busy October! Novel Works took so much of my time. Some people might wonder why I devote so much of my time where I don't get any obvious benefit. Promoting others for free. Offering something for nothing. Would you believe it if someone offered you something for nothing?
Of course not. So what I'm doing on Novel Works? My intent from the beginning was to network. Network to met other authors, other readers. I enjoy Novel Works. There are so many books out there. However does one choose? How does an unknown author stand out? Good writing? A must without a doubt, but you need more. Most authors, if not all, have to promote now a days.
Cleaned and groomed!
The question becomes how do you promote when you have limited funds. When you don't have the major publishing companies resources behind you. It can be extremely frustrating. My first publisher did relatively little in promoting. I didn't do any promoting when my first book came out. By the time Patriot Secrets came out, I had learned but did I do the right things? 
I believe I made strides, but no, I don't think I have done the right things to get noticed. I love Patriot Secrets. One of the problems I encountered is that it's historical fiction, not historical romance. Historical fiction, I believe, has a harder road to travel in the world of ebooks. Or maybe its because I live in the world of romance. Romance has a formula. Most romance is suppose to take a reader into a fantasy world where an alpha male falls in love with the most unsuspecting young  woman. 

In this world, my books have been rejected by major publishers for many reasons. At first the rejections helped to a certain point. I learned from them, most blaring issues-none more so than POV. Now though, I feel rejections or acceptances come through subjectivity. My last rejection from a major publisher said that although they saw potential, loved the story, the genre (historical romance) was highly competitive and didn't feel they would have an edge with my book. Basically I took it to mean, I don't have a name that sells at the moment. I can understand. The field is bombarded. 
So if the book is worthy of being published by a major publisher, but isn't- how does one know it's out there? Do the major publishers have the best books? What about the other publishers on the outside of New York? What of their books? What of awards? The major awards? Reviews from the major blogs? 

I do enjoy most of the books I read from the major publishers. Most fall into a formula. Most from the same author. Although at times, the published book has me questioning who the author knows? Did I miss something along the way? There is one book in particular I love to pick apart. It has so many holes in it (POV, dialogue, hard time following the storyline...I could go on and on. I'll stop here.) Yet, it got a 5 star review from most review sites. The author of the book won a major award (with another book I haven't read so I can't tell you whether I think it deserved it or not). My question lies with how did she sale her book? It wasn't the writing. I will never know the answer and honestly I don't think that New York cares what I think or question. I'm the one searching for an answer.

Writing at this point in my life would not be considered my profession, but my obsession. I am a trained medical professional with over twenty years working in a hospital environment. In my work, I take pride in my work and patient care. I would greatly resent a lay person trying to tell me how to do my job. Comparing that to New York publishers, how can I now say to others there are books out there just as good or better than what the major publishers have published?
Who am I? In reality just an opinionated person with strong likes. I love Novel Works because I only do recommendations. I only present books for people to be exposed to and make their own decisions by linking to a website or publishing company. With Novel Works I want to help give exposure to authors seeking for that chance to be read. I do post major authors and greatly enjoy the ones I post. I will admit I am quite envious of J.K. Rowling and her writing talent. While Stephanie Meyer may not be as gifted an author as Ms Rowling, she had all the young girls reading her book with the love story she created. My own daughter read every book the moment they came out. We went to see every movie together. And yes, I confess, my high school senior daughter and I are planning a midnight venture opening night for Breaking Dawn. And I am a huge fan of Hunger Games series. 

With Novel Works, I will continue on my quest. Why do I promote for free? Because I want to help. Some I post because they were kind to me when they in truth they don't know me well, such as Teresa Medeiros and Stephanie Murray (if anyone wondered why I chose Crescent Moon Press to spotlight). Kindness goes a long way to me. I believe in goodness. I post for Brenda Novak because she's trying to use her name to help find a cure for diabetes. I post for Hannah Howell because she helps others. I don't know Ms Howell personality, but at the conference I attended I heard many people speak of her in such a positive light. Kindness in one way or another needs to be repaid. Don't you think?
Free at Barnes and Noble!

This blog has become longer than I first intended. I wanted to blog about my doggies. Dexter in his Superman costume; Colbie after she got groomed for the first time; Max just because he's the best dog in the world. My doggies make me happy. My children make me happy. My husband makes me deliriously happy especially after he went grocery shopping for me! Writing makes me happy. Novel Works does too...

I'm going to continue this blog because I haven't even touched on Whispers of a Legend, Part One- Shadows of the Past. It's up now and free on Barnes and Noble and Diesel! Amazon its still $.99. So's my goal to finish my train of thought! 

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