Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Computer!

My anniversary was on the 4th. Twenty-three years and three children! Wouldn't know what I would do without him, truly. My mother always said my hubby was the calming effect on me that I needed. My personality I guess. Before Hubby my temper...well, I guess the best way to describe it would have been short fuse or explosive. A little intense I suppose when I didn't get my way. After I met Hubby, I can probably count on one hand how many times I've lost my temper that is if you don't count yesterday. Or can I count yesterday as one?

We have had some really nice family days lately. On the 4th, he had down his parents which was fine. His father needed to relax. I was happy Hubby got to spend time with his father and our son too was around with his girlfriend, which we absolutely adore. Our sixteen year old even stayed for an hour or two. Impressive, really! Our middle one didn't even take off in our car and disappear for the day. A nice relaxing day except I had to work that night, got up too early, didn't get to go down until late and before I ate. Glanced at my computer quickly before I left for work. My first edits had come and I couldn't touch them. Had a big week planned for Novel Works and had a million emails I also couldn't touch. Did I say I couldn't touch my computer? I had to go to work with the knowledge I couldn't do much until I got back to my computer except when I got back to my computer yesterday morning.

Walked back in knowing Hubby and the kids would be around for the day. Didn't have to do much but concentrate on my writing. Or I thought that was what I would be doing. First words out of Hubby's mouth when I got back home.

"Honey, what's wrong with your computer?"

Just like to mention, everyone in my house has their own lap top, but everyone likes to use my computer for whatever reason at times, like when I'm not on it. I loved my desktop, my old ancient desktop. Its like an old pair of jeans that fit just right. So it was a little slow. It had my own existence within it. To tell you the truth, I didn't think much when Hubby asked me. I had confidence if a virus was on the computer I could fix it. Not this one!

Oh, my ****. I couldn't open a file, nothing. I tried calling my security server. They couldn't do anything unless I was online and I couldn't get online. You know that temper I told you about. I lost it, literally. Crying and carrying on. I don't think my kids had ever seen their Mother lose it-ever! Here I was losing it over my computer. Even the dogs were hiding from me! While I was on the phone with my server, my husband and son said they were going to the gym. Didn't even notice how long they were gone. Figured they felt it best to be out of my way. The next thing I know they walking back in with a new computer! Now, let it be said I had already called to get my computer looked at, but they said it would take 3-4 days just to look at it. And even though I have my whole life on that computer, most of it was backed up. I was losing it over around 10 pages that I could have rewritten. I guess Hubby and son thought it worth the money(grin)!

Now, I can't get off my new computer! Have to get the hang of where everything is because Windows has gone through a few changes since I last got a computer for myself. It's great because I've started edits for Patriot Secrets which is going to take a while. Now everyone's happy- I think. Although I can't say I've done much housework.

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