Monday, August 10, 2009

Spent the last few days working on my website and setting up a Blog! I am currently working on a Civil War historical fiction. I absolutely loved writing about the American Revolution. I have three novels written with a fourth in the works along that line. But I have found it extremely difficult to write about the Civil War. First, my husband says it's because we won the American Revolution; I'm Southern. It's hard to admit that we lost the Civil War.
I believe the hardest thing about writing about the Civil War is the fact that so many lives were lost when it should have been avoided. It is easy to have hindsight, but in truth there was not one good reason for slavery. It had to end. There is absolutely no way to defend slavery. I realize that in essence that the war started because of the state's right issue. We Southerners hate to be told what to do. And I can completely understand the hard feelings that arose with the War. Southerners feel deeply and on the whole are completely loyal and true, but wouldn't it have been great to have had a leader at that time to have lead to us to a higher ground.
That's what so hard about writing the novel, showing all in a true light and keeping loyal to the love I have for my home.

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