Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Patriotic Fever!

July 4th is coming up. I know because on this July 4th I will celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary. But for the purpose of this blog and the interest of most of all of you, I'm writing about the inspiration of my Winds of Betrayal Series. The American Revolution. I find the American Revolution and the colonial period fascinating. I should. I have how many books on the four...well the fourth is coming.

So what's the difference between my two historical series- Winds of Betrayal and Tides of Charleston. Winds of Betrayal is historical fiction. The story follows the lives of two siblings, Hannah and Jonathan Corbett in the heart of the turmoil surrounding the American Revolution. The heart of the story is centered around the sacrifices made by the founders of the American Revolution. The heart of the revolution was more than our Founding Fathers but by the commitment to the cause by ordinary citizens who lay their lives on the line for the cause.

Patriot Secrets the first book in the Winds of Betrayal Series follows the exploits Jonathan a physician-surgeon- for the Continental Army and his sister, Hannah, who takes her life in her hands by discovering a leak in a spy network that caused the deaths of her father and older brother. While I was doing research on the American Revolution, I discovered a spy organization called the Culper Spy Ring. My imagination soared. To be honest, I should dedicate Winds of Betrayal to the Culper Spy Ring. Totally fascinating individuals that deserve recognition for their courage and bravery. The last book in the series, Winds of Betrayal, is loosely based on these individuals. Don't get me wrong...Winds of Betrayal is purely fictional, but  I will admit I was inspired by this spy group.

I was also fascinated by the Southern Campaign. I wrote Patriot Secrets before the Patriot (the movie) was released, but after watching the Patriot I realized I had to incorporate the Southern Campaign into my series. During this research, I discover Charleston...I fell in love with Charleston. I could spend my career writing stories about Charleston...

Soon I will release Ruse of Love...the second book in Winds of Betrayal. Jonathan journeys South in the Southern Campaign with the intent of saving Rebekah Morse, daughter of a man who died because of the same betrayal that killed Jonathan's father. Rebekah is caught up in a conspiracy. After being abducted by the feared Loyalist raider, Black Rory, she finds herself in dire straits. With her life endanger, Jonathan sets himself to rescue her. Soon not only does he find himself in the middle of the battle for Charleston, he discovers a love that can free him of the remnants of old pain if they can survive...

When I wrote Patriot Secrets, it was so long I had to break it up into two parts. Winds of Betrayal has been written for a long time, but something was missing. Ruse of Love is the bridge needed between Patriot Secrets and Winds of Betrayal. 

Now for the Tides of Charleston Series...which falls better into the category of historical romance. I will blog about that next. Just know Tides of Charleston Series...characters will intersect with each other in the series. One of my all time favorite characters...Sumner Meador...who will be the hero in the last book of Tides of Charleston Series...plays a small role in Ruse of Love. A little connection...

Ruse of Love will be out in late July or early August... Even though Ruse of Love can stand alone, I would recommend reading Patriot Secrets first. It will give a little more background about the story line and Jonathan's life.

Friday, June 1, 2012

What a Month! Spring Fling with Books Ends...with Winners!

What a great month! I know Brenda Novak was ecstatic with her Online Auction for the Cure for Diabetes! What a great cause. So many great items and all the proceeds will go to the cause. Have to say a big thank you to Brenda for organizing it, but also to the people who helped her. I know that Danita Moon helped by taking the time to send me items to post on Novel Works. And a thank you to all the people who donated their services. Again what a great charity. Thank you Brenda.

I have to admit I'm a little happy because I think my bid won an item I wanted! Most of the time I bid on something and someone swings in at the last minute...but this time I think I got it. I'll let you guys know when I hear back from it. Love knowing my money is going for a great cause!

When Lightning Strikes
Ending on a great note, also. Gave away lots of books! Winners like-

Brenda Novak gave away a reader's copy of When Lightning Strikes - Susan Day
Due out August 28th!

Cursed to Kill

Claire Ashgrove gave away three of her books.

Tormented by Darkness
Cursed To Kill- Terry Yip

Tormented by Darkness- Kelly Worsham

Destined to Die-   Kara Griffin

Resort to Murder

Other Book give aways   Glenys O'Connell's Resort to Murder-- Roberta Baowicz Hrubiec
Destined to Die

Honey on Whitebread

Brenda Whiteside- Honey on WhiteBread-   Carolyn Stark Chambers Clark

The Promise
Jerri Hines- The Promise                          Linda Wright

What a month! Books, books, and more books given away! Don't worry if you didn't win this time. Octoberfest will be back this fall!