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Forgive Me While I Disgress! #Amazon and #IndieAuthors

Bear with me, I just have to vent.

Who has read my book Southern Legacy, 4-Bk Collection?

Enjoyed it? Most readers I've heard from seemed to have. Moreover, Southern Legacy is my favorite book I've written.

Next week, I'm putting in on Kindle Count Down (Southern Legacy is in Kindleunlimited). I have run Amazon Ads with Southern Legacy. Matter of fact, I have one Amazon Ad going. But with the upcoming promotion, I wanted to add another one. Funny thing, it got rejected from Amazon Ad department.

Why you might ask?

The exact email— Thank you for submitting your ad "Southern Legacy, 4-Bk Collection" for review. Unfortunately, we are unable to approve your ad for the following reason(s):
1. The ad contains content or images of characters in situations deemed inappropriate to all audiences, such as sexually suggestive poses, overly provocative content or nudity. 

What??? Am I looking at the same cover? 

I know the guidelines including no blood on the cover, naked people, suggestive positions, etc... But honestly, what does Amazon think? That those two are about to go at it in front of the plantation? There is no where that say they can't be kissing and these two have a ton of clothes on. Why was the cover okay...and then not? This is historical romance. The cover is romantic, but erotica? I don't think see it.

So what is the problem?

What is the normal relationship between Amazon and Indie Authors? I only know my relationship with the mogul giant.

First and foremost, you can't win against Amazon even when you're right. Doesn't matter. That's a fact.

Now, Amazon has been harder on me than most Indie Authors. I'm not going to go backwards and relive the hell I went through when I first became an Indie author. No, it would only bring back vivid horrid memories of when I was attacked by the Goodread Trolls for two straight years before Amazon addressed the issue. Amazon totally ignored the 25 one star reviews that sprang up overnight on one of my books (a book I had to eventually take down), the personal attacks in reviews posted on my books, the soliciting of one star reviews on my books in chat rooms... To be fair, the troll was in constant contact with Amazon about me (telling them they needed to pull my books because my books were awful.) I know this because she blogged about it all the time. Oh, but I said that I was going to go forward. I have tried to forget the irrevocable damage done during that time period.

I do know that there are some Indie Authors that have a great relationship with Amazon. But I'm not one of them and I know I'm not alone. Amazon treats Indie authors differently. The rules aren't the same. It's hard to compete in this extremely competitive world with the odds against you.

Amazon frustates me. Yet, I will acknowledge Amazon, because without them I wouldn't be an Indie Author. For that, I'm grateful, but they are notorious for doing whatever they please. They can—they're Amazon.

But sometimes you have to take a step back.

Take a look at "Operation Varsity Blues", where the rich got caught bribing officials to get their children into prestigious universities. (I always loved Lori Loughlin, too. Its sad.)

But really, are we truly surprised that the rich paid to get their children into these universities? I paid a lot of money for my kids to take those SAT classes. Cost me a fortune. Not to bribe anyone, but to help my children get ready for the test. Two of them had to take the test a couple of times to get the score they needed.

My point is that there are different rules for different people.

For those of us that aren't as fortunate, we just have to work harder. We have to pick ourselves up and focus on what we can control.

So unfair. So frustrating.

But its life. I doubt I will see any change during my lifetime.

Now, I'm left with my book to promote...


The first person I talked with at Amazon couldn't understand why my cover was flagged. So he sent it to the 'Book Monitor'. The Book Monitor came back to say
"The cover image of your ad shows a male character and a female character with sexual expressions which is not allowed as per our policies."

According to Amazon, they are looking at each other wrong...  Now the mystery is solved. 

Amazon is a kingdom to themselves and can do anything they want.


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